Tips for those traveling alone for the first time

trip solo

Traveling alone is not only one of the different ways or possibilities of traveling, but for a time this part has not only become a trend, but there is even niche market with services tailored to this group of people interested in Travel to your air.

It is clear that it is much more fun to go on a trip with the couple, family, friends or even a group of people known or unknown. But we are not going to deny that traveling is also a very attractive idea and, above all, a very enriching experience , given that it forces us to relate to people and get the chestnuts out of the fire with no other support but ourselves. However,everything that glitters is not gold either , and the enrichment of all this experience must also add a bit of complexity, especially when traveling alone for the first time . I get through Gadling to a post by Amanda Kendle , an Australian travel writer and teacher,

  • Gather information: decide a destination and start gathering relevant information about it through a good travel guide, websites and forums, where you can ask other travelers for advice about their experience in that destination. Then decide how long the trip will last and how much time you will spend in each place if you are visiting several countries or a couple of cities or a place if it is a short trip.
  • Make a draft of the itinerary: draw up a draft with the time you will stay in each place, the things you can do or visit there and how you will move from one place to another. Always with flexibility in mind. Program only the days to travel and add extra days for contingencies, since there are many factors that could change your plans, such as a site you like a lot or nothing, someone recommend you something you did not know or the weather itself. And if your trip lasts more than a week, be sure to schedule a rest day for each week of travel, as you might need it.
  • Make some reservations : although many travelers book every ticket, hotel and even gallery that they will visit before departure, it is not recommended at all. Obviously, it will be necessary for you to reserve the main means of transportation that you will use both in the round trip and also the hotel where you will spend the first nights. But then it is advisable to book online with only a day or two in advance, which will be easier than having to modify or cancel a reservation.
  • Focus on traveling : when you get ready to mentalise yourself that you will travel alone and that you will encounter difficulties. Trust your own possibilities and face every challenge and challenge that comes to you, because if you overcome them will be very satisfactory on a personal level. Take some time to think about your plans for the next two days and connect to the internet to be informed about what happens in your next destination.
  • Be positive, flexible and open-minded: remember that your journey is not taking pictures of yourself posing in front of famous monuments, but enjoying the experience. Surely you will comment errors of all kinds, but think they are anecdotes that you can then tell your friends and family.

Basically, the author believes that the best way to travel is to take the backpack and start the adventure without reservations and with a vague and imprecise itinerary. And above all, live the experience.